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Company Name:
National Communications Services Inc
Approximate Salary:
19.00 - 25.00 Per Hour
Redmond, Washington
United States
Information Technology
Position type:
Full Time
Experience level:
Entry Level
Education level:
High School or equivalent

Network Audit Specialist

Are you a highly organized, efficient, and technology-savvy individual who takes pride in performing repetitive tasks to perfection and also enjoys traveling around the country? This role may be for you…

Job Summary:

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has imposed new obligations under the Ray Baum's Act, which requires that an automatic location assignment be provided as part of an emergency 911 call from both wired & wireless enterprise owned US networks. As a Network Audit Specialist, you will be responsible for auditing and documenting network port and switch details so that when an e911 call comes through, the location information is accurate- you are helping to lower the response time of emergency service professionals and helping to potentially save lives!

Within the project timeline of 1 year, the Network Auditing team will perform a complete audit of 134 buildings, nearly 190,000 ports across 17 states, including the greater Redmond, Washington area, by collecting, tracking, and documenting details for each network jack and switch along with its location information. The Network Audit Specialist will use a handheld device to capture these details and record them in the system. This role will also support quality assurance testing to ensure all jacks and switches are compliant with routing accuracy and correct identification of the zone/location. This role must be performed with a 'white glove' customer service (or 'total customer satisfaction through specialized services') mindset and attitude.

Essential Requirements:

· Ability and willingness to travel to other states or localities according to the audit schedule

Note- depending on CDC guidance at the time of travel, proof of vaccination OR a negative COVID test before and/or after travel may be required. Masking requirements as directed by the CDC and/or required by the airline must be met.

· Ability to read and decipher color- coded and/ or numbered maps of unfamiliar locations

· Ability to stand and walk for extended periods

· Ability to kneel, bend, and/or stretch arms overhead as needed to reach network ports in all areas for the entirety of the assigned shift

· Ability to read and navigate details on a touchscreen tablet (8-inch monitor)

· Potential for prolonged periods of sitting at a desk and working on a computer

· Ability to work overtime and/or perform functions outside of regular working hours, as needed

· Predictable and reliable attendance

Duties and Responsibilities:

· Perform efficient, accurate and thorough network jack and switch audit using handheld LLDP (Link Layer Discover Protocol) device

· Report any issues or concerns to e911 project team coordinator in a timely manner

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

· Attention to detail and insistence on accuracy is a must

· Ability to perform repetitive tasks while maintaining high quality standards

· Ability to precisely follow written and/or verbal instructions

· Ability to work efficiently and flex work schedule as needed to meet deadlines as assigned

· Exceptional communication skills and ability to work cohesively in a collaborative team environment a must!

· Familiarity with network ports, switches, and/or cables helpful, but not required

· Previous experience using LLDP device, or aptitude to learn

· Familiarity with Microsoft programs, including basic working knowledge of Excel, Word, and Outlook; Visio and Comma Separated Values (CSV) spreadsheets a plus

· Familiarity with Android OS/ applications a plus

Project length/ contract runs through 6/30/2022. Depending on employee performance, project extension/maintenance requirements, or other roles that may be available at the end of the contract that are suitable to the employee's skills; employment with NCS may be extended but is not guaranteed.

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