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Company Name:
The Salvation Army
Approximate Salary:
Not Specified
Chicago, Illinois
United States
Professional Services
Position type:
Full Time
Experience level:
< 2 years
Education level:
High School or equivalent

Employment Placement Specialist/Pathway Forward/Chicago

POSITION TITLE: Employment Placement Specialist


LOCATION: Pathway Forward


REPORTS TO: Program Director




STATUS TYPE: Regular Full-Time



The mission of the Learning Resource Center is to help residents develop the skills needed to obtain and maintain employment which anchors reintegration into the community.



Residents are promptly oriented to the Center's potential for educational and occupational enrichment.




The Employment Placement Specialist is responsible for providing residents with employment assistance in accordance with, but not limited to, the following:


  • 1. Individual Program Plan (IPP).
  • 2. Job placement resources both in the RRC (Pathway Forward) and in the community, to include the Department of Labor's One-Stop System, consistent with current labor market trends.
  • 3. Employment information assistance using computer-based technology and resources which include career assistance software and on-line resources (e.g. Internet, America's Career Info Net). The EPS will have direct access to the Internet to meet this requirement.
  • 4. Portfolio development, resume writing, proper dress, and interview techniques training.
  • 5. Individual and group counseling, case management, and post-release follow-up relative to employment within the community, to include the area where the resident plans to live following release.
  • 6. Employment job fairs either on-site or in partnership with other organizations, such as community colleges.



  • 7. To maximize job retention, every effort should be made to match a resident's skill levels to an actual job placement. For example, an experienced heavy equipment operator may not be appropriately employed as a short order cook at minimum wage.

    This position reports to the Program Director.


    The Employment Placement Specialist works closely with the Job Developer, Training Manager, and the Chaplain to design and implement life skills. This employee supervises residents who are using the Learning Resource Center. When appropriate, this individual consults with Reentry Case Managers and/or Clinical Services about resident problems. This position requires continuous interaction with other agencies in the community.





    • The minimum experience for this position is one year of work experience in guidance, counseling or job placement. Work experience may be substituted with a specialized degree or certification in the field of guidance, counseling or career development.


    • A commitment to uphold the mission of The Salvation Army and the Correctional Services Program.
    • Commitment to the highest level of ethics and professionalism.
    • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team to deliver a continuous, meaningful sequence of services to residents.
    • Knowledge of diverse, disadvantaged populations with multiple barriers—beyond a felony record—to educational and vocational success, including low literacy, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and impaired cognition.
    • A positive, encouraging manner to facilitate trusting, open, and useful relationships with residents. Ability to enforce boundaries, dispel self-pity, and forthrightly address self-defeating behavior.


    • This individual will only commit Army resources that have been allocated or approved.
    • This individual will keep the Program Director informed on all critical issues relating to their area of responsibility.
    • This individual will adhere to all policies and procedures in carrying out the responsibilities of this position.

    The Salvation Army is an Equal Opportunity Employer


    Applicants with disabilities may contact us at (773)725-1100 for additional information or assistance with the application process.

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