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Company Name:
The Salvation Army
Approximate Salary:
Not Specified
Chicago, Illinois
United States
Position type:
Full Time
Experience level:
2 - 5 years
Education level:
Bachelor's Degree

Therapist/Pathway Forward/Chicago





Do you want to use your skills and talents to make a lasting difference in the world? The Salvation Army is the fourth largest charity in the United States and is an international organization based on Biblical principles created to help people in need. We are mission-driven, diverse, collaborative, and focused on positive results for people. Join us in making a difference.



LOCATION/DEPT: Pathway Forward

REPORTS TO: Administrator of Clinical Programs




The mission of the Clinical Programs Department (Addictions and Mental Health Services) is to provide professional therapeutic services to offenders and troubled youth. Remedial services address concerns including drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and behavioral problems caused by mental illness.


The Therapist provides services for residents whose attitudes and/or behaviors have resulted in a referral by a Reentry Case Manager. The Therapist also counsels Reentry Case Managers and other staff (particularly the Security Services Supervisor) as to strengthening the rehabilitative success of the entire program.





  • 1. Conducts intake assessments using DSM–IV and ASAM criteria in conjunction with other standardized screening instruments and, based on such assessments, develops individual treatment plans to address clients’ needs.
  • 2. Provides both individual and group treatment to clients on his/her caseload.
  • 3. Works with clients to reduce the potential for relapse and recidivism.
  • 4. Involves families and significant others in treatment as appropriate.
  • 5. Makes referrals to outside programs and services as needed.
  • 6. Maintains proper progress notes and case records and ensures that all assessments, treatment plans, and monthly progress reports are submitted in a timely manner to the Administrator.
  • 7. Along with the Administrator and other AMHS team members, participates in developing and presenting a drug education curriculum to equip clients with information useful in achieving their treatment goals.
  • 8. Works with the Administrator, case managers and security staff to ensure that service delivery is coordinated with other RRC program components and that treatment goals are reinforced by other staff at the center.
  • 9. Meets as needed with other members of the AMHS team for the purpose of case review and treatment planning.
  • 10. Consults as necessary with the Medical Director and ensures that the Medical Director signs all necessary client records in his/her case files.
  • 11. Cooperates with the Senior Therapist and the other Therapists in the treatment of dually diagnosed clients.
  • 12. Complies with strict confidentiality guidelines and ensures the security of his/her case files.
  • 13. Participates in the process of program evaluation and in the development of programs to meet the identified needs of clients.
  • 14. May assist with training CSC staff in appropriate techniques for the management of residents with addiction related problems.
  • 15. All other duties as assigned.





    • A Bachelors’ Degree in the behavioral sciences, with CADC certification in the State or Illinois, and a minimum of two years’ experience in substance abuse treatment; or
    • Documented experience in substance abuse treatment and a Masters’ Degree in Social Work or Psychology and be licensed (LPC, LSW, LCPC or LCSW) or be license eligible in the State of Illinois. Any such individual who is not actually licensed when hired, must become so within twelve months of the date of hire.


    • Comfort in functioning in the dual role of authority figure and therapist; and the ability to build attitude and behavior changing relationships with clients who differ widely in terms of personality, education, employment skills, ethnic background and socioeconomic status.
    • Experience in using cognitive behavioral interventions and structured social learning approaches to the treatment of substance abusing offenders.
    • Verbal and written communication skills.
    • A commitment to uphold and promote the mission of the Salvation Army and a dedication to applying various rehabilitative models to effect sustainable change in behavior and attitude.
    • A proactive, client-oriented style which nonetheless maintains appropriate boundaries.
    • Ability to view the mission of Clinical Programs within the broader parameters of Correctional Services.
    • Leadership skills and the ability to facilitate collaborative work. Expertise in working collaboratively.
    • Organizational and motivational skills.
    • Excellent communications skills and the ability to inspire cooperation in a large, diverse, and often hostile or suspicious population.
    • An extensive knowledge of the principles of therapy and corrections.
    • Familiarity with current research and treatment models.
    • Expertise in problem identification and assessment, setting goals, and monitoring progress.
    • A strong commitment to the Salvation Army’s vision of human services and social justice; and a clear personal desire to assist in accomplishing the Center’s mission of rehabilitation, restorative justice and human healing.

    The Salvation Army is an Equal Opportunity Employer


    Applicants with disabilities may contact us at (773)725-1100 for additional information or assistance with the application process.

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