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Founded by Veterans in Hampton Roads

Company Name:
System Technology Forum, Ltd
Approximate Salary:
Not Specified
San Diego, California
United States
Position type:
Full Time
Experience level:
8 - 10 years
Education level:
Bachelor's Degree

Senior Communications Systems Engineer

A Senior Communications Systems Engineer to research existing and future capabilities, document detailed system requirements, analyze technology and acquisition program solution options, and define an integrated solution for Radio Frequency (RF) secure voice and data communications modernization for Navy shore command centers and associated telecommunications facilities.  The scope of the effort includes systems for EHF and UHF SATCOM, UHF, VHF line of sight and HF beyond line of sight radios, cryptos, patching and switching systems, end-user devices and IP network interface/integration at six Navy shore facilities.

The Senior Communications Systems Engineer will be responsible for generating detailed RF communications operational requirements linked to mission requirements, survey existing facilities to collect data on existing systems, and functional capabilities.  The Senior Communications Systems Engineer will collect and analyze future DOD communications plans for SATCOM and LOS waveforms, crypto modernization and unified voice communications, assess alternate system solutions for radio to handset/headset secure voice distribution.  Data will be collected through interviews/meetings or written communication with Fleet operators/Commanders, program offices, and engineering personnel, online research and system vendor interactions.

Designations/Certifications:  Graduate of a military RF Communications systems training course.

Knowledge:  Knowledge of EHF and UHF SATCOM, KIV and KG family of cryptos, UHF/VHF RF comms including WSC-3, DMR, various Portable radios, Integrated Secure Telephone, ANCC/ATC, SA-2112 and other patching and switching elements. Knowledge of MIL-STD and commercial electrical standards for analog and digital baseband equipment and cabling.  Position requires exceptional organizational skills and initiative, verbal and written communications and extensive use of Microsoft family of office software to include MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and email.

Experience:  A minimum of 10 years of experience in the operations, maintenance or engineering of Military RF communications (EHF, UHF, VHF, HF) to include shore technical control facility operations, integration or engineering of electronic patching/switching systems for inter-connecting discrete radio, crypto and end user devices and computers into an end-to-end capability.  Experience with Defense Red Switch Network voice/data communications and secure voice over IP is highly desired.

Education:  Bachelor's degree is required.  An additional 4 years of RF communications experience and proven technical writing skills will substitute for a degree.